Become a Sponsor

We welcome sponsorship from leading companies, government agencies and organizations interested in supporting ICAADE 2019. Such support could include showcasing products and services at the conference, and/or sending delegates to participate in the conference directly. A range of sponsorship levels and exhibition opportunities is available and we are open to cater to the individual requirements of our sponsors.

For detailed information download our Sponsorship Proposal.

Sponsorship Levels

Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Donation (EUR) 7 000 3 400 1 700 700 300
1. Logo Recognition
2. Insert in the Conference Bag
3. Featured Profile -
4. Conference Registrations 3 2 1 1 -
5. Tickets to Welcome Reception and Dinner 2 1 1 - -
6. Sponsor’s Poster / Roll-up in the Main Room 2 1 1 - -
7. Podium Acknowledgement - -
8. Acknowledgement in the ICAADE international newsletter - -
9. Exhibition Booth Space - -
10. Exclusiveness in the Market - - -
11. Social Media Presence & Mention - - - -
12. Presentation Opportunity - - - -

1. Logo Recognition: the sponsor’s logo will be featured on/in the main marketing materials, including the poster, programme and website. On the website, sponsors’ logos are shown on the main page and are continuously shown throughout the website’s tabs.

2. Insert in the Conference Bag: one insert (handout/gift) in the conference bag received by all registered participants.

3. Featured Profile: besides the sponsor’s logo, the sponsor’s profile will be featured in the conference booklet (book of abstracts).

4. Conference Registration: complimentary full conference registration.

5. Tickets to the Welcome Reception and Dinner: complimentary tickets to both social events.

6. Sponsor’s Poster / Roll-up in the Main Conference Room: space for the display of the sponsor’s poster/roll-up will be provided in the main conference room during the full extent of the conference.

7. Podium Acknowledgement: during the introductory section of each conference day, the sponsors support to the conference will be appreciated.

8. Exhibition Booth Space: an area for a four square meters booth at/close to the poster exhibition area or at the entrance of the conference will be provided. Details will be agreed with the conference’s organization.

9. Acknowledgement in the ICAADE International Newsletter: in the months prior to the ICAADE 2019 conference, the sponsor will be featured in the online newsletter.

10. Exclusiveness in the Market: diamond and platinum sponsors will be featured in the conference as sole industry sponsors, meaning that other companies that offer the same product will not be accepted as same-level sponsors.

11. Social Media Presence and Mention: hashtags and tags will be used to acknowledge the sponsors support in posts prior to and during the conference.

12. Presentation Opportunity: diamond sponsors will be given a 20-minute presentation slot during one of the conference days in the main presentation room.