June 20 – 24, 2017 – University of Waterloo, School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario

Today’s cities are facing huge challenges in uncontrolled urbanization, higher risks of flooding, rising pollution, ground subsidence, and climate change. Recent experiences have shown that amphibious architecture, design and construction are gaining prominence in catalyzing the transformation of our future urban landscapes to better deal with these challenges.

The 2017 Amphibious Design Student Workshop, to be held at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada will precede the International Conference on Amphibious Architecture Design and Engineering. The case study will focus on Caledonia, Ontario where increased flood vulnerability in First Nations communities will provide opportunities to explore amphibious concepts.

Site-specific challenges such as cultural heritage, environmental concerns, rapid urbanization, and economic prosperity will be explored to propose solutions in line with contemporary water management and design practices. The workshop invites students and young professionals to understand the theories and practices that bring together engineering, design and urban development.

Organizing team:
Fransje Hooimeijer Department of Urbanism, TU Delft, The Netherlands
Yuliya Georgieva (FR)
Natasha Klink (CA)
Sneha Sumanth (CA)


Cost: $175
The new, reduced cost of this workshop will cover a site visit, lunches, and an end-of-session dinner. Please note this does not cover the cost of accommodations.


Cost: $150
Accommodation will be provided at the Grand House, an off-campus student residence in Cambridge, Ontario. The price includes 6 nights accommodation, from June 19 - 25. The Grand House offers private room accommodation with shared bathroom and access to large shared spaces, including WIFI, a 72" flatscreen TV with cable, a fully-equipped kitchen, including dishwasher, on-site coin-laundry, and air conditioning. Grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, and the School of Architecture are within walking distance.